• CEREC Crowns

    At The Dalkey Clinic, we are pleased to be working with CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) to create dental restorations within our practice to help repair your teeth after damage or decay, in just one day.

    Whether you need one crown or several, we can restore a damaged or decayed tooth/teeth within our practice using the technology that we have onsite, using a much less invasive technique than traditional crown treatments.

  • The benefits of CEREC

    There are many benefits of opting for this style of crowns treatment. Our enhanced technology means that the creation of dental crown restorations are more accurate, with more precise measurements and less chance of experiencing pain, distress or damage from poorly fitted crowns.

    Crowns feel and work like natural teeth, which also helps to keep the nearby teeth healthy. These CEREC dental restorations have an improved lifespan of the crown, meaning less visits to the dentist in future – saving you time and costs.

  • The CEREC process

    There are 3 steps to CEREC that are completed in just one trip to the dentist:

    • The dentist takes an impression of your mouth using high-definition intra-oral video scanners and design software
    • They will use a computer program to take measurements of your teeth and jaw from the impressions. This leads to a treatment plan being created to restore your smile
    • Finally, the digital impressions are passed to within-clinic technician, who will create the ceramic restoration. Once it is adjusted and finished, it is fitted in the mouth

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