About teeth whitening

If your stained teeth have affected you your confidence, rest assured that our Dublin team will restore your smile. Gentle and non-invasive, teeth whitening works by gently breaking up the deep-set stains caused by a number of external factors such as drinking coffee, tea, red wine or regularly smoking.

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    Your teeth change colour as you get older, and factors like food and drink can affect also alter their appearance. Coffee, red wine, and dark berries are amongst the worst culprits for staining your teeth, whilst build ups of calculus (tartar) and bad habits like smoking can also cause a yellow tint to the surface of your teeth. Certain prescribed medications and antibiotics can also cause discoloration, which can be difficult to avoid.

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    Your smile is unique to you, and at The Dalkey Clinic, our dentists understand that your treatment is personal too. That’s why our team of dentists will expertly assess your teeth before undergoing any procedures to ensure that your teeth are suitable for our whitening treatments and that your experience is tailored to you. With a range of whitening treatments available, read on to learn which is best for you.

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    We offer professional and affordable teeth whitening using custom-made laboratory-formed bleaching trays, which gently and gradually lighten your teeth. We recommend the use of milder whitening bleach over a longer period to reduce the possibility of sensitivity and gum problems sometimes caused by some bleaching systems. This approach to teeth whitening also tends to provide more natural end-results.

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